Wiz Khalifa Clothes

Express yourself with the Wiz Khalifa collection of bold shirts. The brave expressions, colors and designs of the line are not for the timid. Perfect for each and every Wiz Khalifa fan, even the young have its uniform. Every day wear will never be boring and plain with the artistic rendition of each design.

This iconic shirt features the man himself. A contemplating Wiz Khalifa is depicted in front, his mind an explosion of colors and thoughts. The black background set up the green, purple and whites of the image.
Black smoky mind Wiz Khalifa shirt


The basic black shirt made interesting with the bold silver and white print reading ‘I’m On One” together with the unmistakable weed and cup. Only for dudes who dare to say it all and be the focus of attention.
“I’m on One” black shirt from Wiz Khalifa


Celebrate Wiz Khalifa and his legacy with the High Skies shirt. The black tee features a giant WK and airplanes logo in white. To give a colorful lift are the blue printed Wiz Khalifa on the top and “Come fly the high skies” at the bottom.
High skies black shirt from Wiz Khalifa


Wiz Khalifa in his cutest. This white shirt is designed for the young fans of Wiz. Featuring a black and yellow face drawing and a black Wiz Khalifa text printed on the front panel. The drawing also gets a small “JIMI” on its left temple.
White Wiz Khalifa drawing shirt for kids


Come out clean with this white tee from Wiz Khalifa. The front features the man’s name printed in yellow and his black and white silhouette made of hazy smoke. No better tribute for Wiz than this tee.
White Wiz Khalifa smoky silhouette tee


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