Wiz Khalifa Clothing

Wiz Khalifa’s shirt collection personifies the rebellious spirit of the young. Reggae and hippie colors like black, green, yellow and red are prominently featured in the clothing line giving its wearer the cool strength of the laidback man who prefer comfort dressing to flashy garb. Every item is an artist’s work that everyone would be proud to own and wear.

The bright red shirt is perfect for people who take life head on. The white and bold script reading “Work Hard Play Hard” is prominently printed in the front, gives the cool relief to the intense red color of the tee.
Red work hard, play hard shirt for men


This tee embodies reggae at its best. The solid black shirt is printed with big bold text read “Keep One Rolled” in reggae colors green, yellow and red. The rebellious weed is featured for that hippie vibe.
Wiz Khalifa black “Keep One Rolled” shirt for men


Your basic black shirt is taken off its hard edge with the mustard yellow and white print. But the intense print reading “Taylor Gang or Die” is unmistakably strong. This shirt is only for those who can wear tough.
Wiz Khalifa Taylor Gang tee for men


Bring on the good life with this Wiz Khalifa cartoon shirt. The cartoon drawing of Wiz together with all the best things in life, tattoos, cars, sneakers, lighter, paper planes, birds and a record player is printed in front. The white shirt highlights the green and gold drawing.
Good life cartoon drawing shirt for men


This is Wiz Khalifa’s coolest black shirt featuring a smoky green and yellow image of Wiz with shades. The smoke is artistically arranged to depict the man. A yellow Wiz Khalifa logo and green “Rolling Paper” are featured at the bottom right portion of the shirt.
Black smoky rolling paper shirt for men


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