Wiz Khalifa Hats

Wiz Khalifa’s line of clothing and apparel offers the cap and hat collection to all its Taylor Gang fans. From the cool and fun beanie to the deep dark and serious snapback caps, Wiz Khalifa knows the best designs and colors to complement all Taylor Gang fans of all ages and their rapper edge style and personality.

Complete your ensemble with this black and yellow Laplander Peruvian beanie from Wiz Khalifa. The black beanie features bright yellow tops and braided tails. A yellow Wiz Khalifa logo and “GOD” are embroidered on the outside, while the inside features a WK all over print.
Black and yellow Peruvian beanie from Wiz Khalifa


Go classic cool with the white Wiz Khalifa snapback cap. The front features an embroidered silver and black All Star Taylor Gang logo. The moss green under bill color perfectly complements the white cap.
White All Star Taylor Gang snapback from Wiz Khalifa


Get the serious, don’t mess with me vibe with this classic deep blue snapback cap from Wiz Khalifa. The cap features a flat bill with deep green under bill color. The silver and black all star Taylor Gang logo is embroidered on front.
Deep Blue Taylor Gang snapback cap from Wiz Khalifa


Go deep with this all black snapback cap from Wiz Khalifa. The solid black cap features a flat bill and a 3D embroidered ôNew Yorkö logo on front and an interesting green under bill color.
All black snapback cap from Wiz Khalifa


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