Wiz Khalifa Hoodies

The ultimate cool garb gets even cooler with the Wiz Khalifa collection of Taylor Gang hoodies. Exciting and classic designs make the hoodies wearable anywhere. Zip ups and sweats features front hand warmers and fleece linings for utmost comfort. Whether you want to go tough with camo or geeky with pinks, there is the right Wiz Khalifa hoodie for your style and mood.

Get away from the boring hoodie and get this black and camouflage Wiz Khalifa number. Yellow edged Wiz Khalifa is printed in front and Taylor 420 at the back. The hoodie also features a yellow lined hood, camo sleeves and front hand pouch.
Wiz Khalifa black and camo hoodie


Geeks are today’s new toughie and never be afraid to show your geeky side with this Wiz Khalifa “I’m Geek’d Up” hoodie. The black text is printed directly to the fabric using the latest in printing technology. Available in pink, white, ash, blue, green, red and hot pink colors.
Unisex Geek’d Up hoodie from Wiz Khalifa


This zip-up Wiz Khalifa hoodie features the tough look of any Taylor Gang wannabe. The black body, camo sleeves, yellow-lined hood and the yellow edged Wiz Khalifa text in front say it all. The back also features a yellow edged Taylor 420.
Wiz Khalifa zip-up hoodie for men


For women who aren’t afraid to wear Taylor Gang’s colors, the Wiz Khalifa zip-up hoodie is the perfect cool weather garment. The hoodie combined green, white and grays and features a light gray Wiz Khalifa script logo in front.
Green, white and gray Wiz Khalifa hoodie for women


The solid black hoodie sweatshirt gets a relief in the interesting white “got taylor?” print on front. Enjoy utmost comfort with its fleece lining and hand pockets in front. The sweatshirt is also available in white with black print.
Got Taylor hoodie sweatshirt for men


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