Wiz Khalifa Shirt

The Wiz Khalifa shirt collection features a line of quality shirts perfect for people who want to stay cool, relaxed and comfortable without being boring. The shirts’ constructions are ideal for a no fuss dressing while the colors and designs lift off the ordinary from casual wear. Be seen without trying with the Wiz Khalifa shirt collection.

Celebrate Wiz Khalifa and his Rolling Papers music with this black tee. The front features a hazy green graphic design of Wiz’s face and a yellow Wiz Khalifa script logo is printed at the right bottom part of the shirt.
Black Rolling Papers hazy shirt from Wiz Khalifa


Get this trendy and sexy tee from Wiz Khalifa. The V-neck shirt sports a delightful explosion of colors in its front design with the “Young, Wild and Free” text. Comes in black, gray and navy colors.
V-neck Young, wild and free shirt from Wiz Khalifa


Hard worker and hard plying go-getter girls gets their uniform from Wiz Khalifa. The white shirt sports a green to red variant shaded Work Hard Play Hard text and the Wiz Khalifa script in red at the bottom part of the printed.
White slim fit work hard play hard tee for girls


Get funky with the fun designed black shirt from Wiz Khalifa. The front is printed with Young Wild & Free in yellow, white, red and blue together with a stamped white Mac and Devin go to High School logo at the bottom.
Black slim fit tee from Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa


Find your perfect level with this red shirt from Wiz Khalifa. The front is printed with the distressed on purpose bold white text reading “I’m on my level” together with the Wiz Khalifa script logo.
Red I’m on my level tee from Wiz Khalifa


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