Wiz Khalifa Shirts

Black is no longer just for grunge dressing. With the Wiz Khalifa shirt collection, black is artistic, cool, mysterious, bold and young. Innovative and arresting designs and colors are creatively put together resulted to fun, cool and sometimes vintage, never ordinary tees. All items carry Wiz Khalifa’s high standard of quality, durability and comfortable wear.

Celebrate being young, wild and free with this black tee from Wiz Khalifa. The grungy black shirt is the perfect background for the yellow, white, red and blue bold prints that reads “Young, Wild and Free” and the white “Mac and Devin go to High School”
Young, wild and free black shirt for men


This isn’t your ordinary black and white shirt. The front features a big white Just Fly print with the Nike swish and plane combination. The simple design gives a retro vibe and the altered famous swish gives and interesting detail.
Black Just Fly retro shirt from Wiz Khalifa


This black captain’s tee from Wiz Khalifa is certainly interesting. The black pilot’s cap and the smoking Wiz Khalifa logo are highlighted with the gold pilot’s wing. This is the ultimate power shirt everyone just has to have.
Black Pilot’s cap shirt from Wiz Khalifa


Go cool and mysterious with this iconic green haze shirt for Wiz Khalifa. The creative green print depicting Wiz’s looks vibrant against the black background. A yellow Wiz Khalifa logo is also added in the lower right corner of the shirt.
Black shirt with green haze from Wiz Khalifa


Party all day and all night with this black shirt from Wiz Khalifa. The large yellow and white text reads “Party All Day Party All Night” covers the whole front. The shirt also features a round Wiz Khalifa logo on the lower right portion.
Black slim fit tee for men


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