Wiz Khalifa T-Shirt

Get the color and get the style from Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang collection of shirts. Every piece carries the tough and bright personality of the gang who isn’t afraid to express and show personality and style. The shirts are perfect for your everyday wear and for those special night outs. Giftables too.

The classic black and yellow wheel logo design is printed in the front of the solid black shirt from Wiz Khalifa. The gold print is just the right color to lift the otherwise plain black shirt.
Black and yellow wheel logo shirt from Wiz Khalifa


Get a piece of what is going on Wiz Khalifa’s mind with this black slim fit shirt. The front features an interesting drawing of a thinking Wiz with planes, smoke and rockets going off his head. A white Wiz Khalifa script is also printed on the top portion of the tee.
Black slim fit Wiz Khalifa drawing tee


Get retro with this black Just Fly shirt from Wiz Khalifa. The front features a bold pink Just Fly print together with the famous swoosh logo fitted with a plane at it tip. So vintage, very interesting.
Black Just Fly tee from Wiz Khalifa


Relaxed is the theme of this classically designed shirt. The bright red tee definitely looks cool with the distressed Wiz Khalifa blue graphic print on front. The “I” is depicted with a white smoky stick.
Distressed and smoky Wiz Khalifa red shirt


Taylor Gang on its best pastel colors. The white shirt from Wiz Khalifa features soft toned colors on the graphic print on front. The junior Taylor Gang tee also sports a black head drawing of Wiz.
Junior Taylor Gang tee from Wiz Khalifa


Stay warm and get an impression with this black Wiz Khalifa long-sleeved thermal shirt. The black shirt features big bold and bright colorful prints in the front with text reading Young, Wild and Free. You can’t afford to miss on this.
Black long-sleeved shirt from Wiz Khalifa


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