Wiz Khalifa T-Shirts

The Wiz Khalifa shirt collection gets a heavy dose of vintage as it take on classic designs and colors. Retro colors like vintage red and heather gray are combined with vintage prints. Like any Wiz Khalifa item, all shirts are ripe with the rebellious, bold expressions of the young and defiant.

Go retro with the red Just Fly shirt from Wiz Khalifa. The famous swoosh is given an interesting makeover with the addition of an airplane at its end. All prints are in white, giving the red tee a vintage chic.
Red Just Fly shirt from Wiz Khalifa


There are a lot to love about this shirt. First is the interesting and rare on shirts heather gray color. Second is the vintage feel of its purposely aged TG or Die print. How cool it is to own a new old shirt?
Heather gray TG or Die shirt from Wiz Khalifa


Hardworking and hard playing girls got their perfect shirt from Wiz Khalifa. The white tee feature a bold green, clay red and red “Work Hard Play Hard” print and a red Wiz Khalifa text at the bottom.
Work Hard, Play Hard white shirt for women


Stop traffic with this eye catching black and yellow shirt from Wiz Khalifa. The otherwise somber black shirt is lifted with the bright yellow “Black and Yellow” and Wiz Khalifa print covering most of the front panel.
Black and yellow shirt for men


This is the ultimate cool and comfortable black shirt from Wiz Khalifa. The slim fit easy wear complements the classic WK and planes logo in white. This tee is also printed with blue Wiz Khalifa on top and “Come Fly the High Skies” at the bottom.
Black slim fit High Skies shirt from Wiz Khalifa


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